Justin, East Coast College

I can’t commend you enough for your kindness and support to others.

Zainah, Chakra Corporate

Andrew Salkeld thank you just doesn’t cut it. We were all incredibly touched by your story and I’m certain that everyone in the room gained something very precious from your messages around expectation, integrity, honesty and acceptance. Powerful, moving and hugely courageous.

Dominici, Dead Weight

Malala Yousafzai was just a girl but she spoke out on women’s rights in the middle east and won a nobel prize – the differentiating factor between you is that she’s killed literally zero mythic bosses; a genuine scrub

Robin, Reflect Learning

Excellent course today on World Mental Health Day, a thought provoking session

Alison, William Hill

Great session and very thought provoking

Diane, Sovereign Wealth

Andy I felt compelled to get in touch as despite of the success I have had in my business career I too have struggled with mental health issues since 2003 (well that was when I first acknowledged it) and am keen to share my experience and do with others to demonstrate that it can happen to anyone.

Emily, Barclays Corporate

Today I had the pleasure of listening to Andy Salkeld speak about breaking the stigma of mental health. It was so inspiring to hear his story and learn about how we create idealism’s of who we should be or how we should act when working in a professional sector. Thank you so much for sharing with us and I hope we, as a group, can help pave the way for change regarding mental health.