Being more and less social…

I fully appreciate the irony of sharing this article on social media… Do you remember the days before Facebook, Instagram and Twitter? Do you remember what came before that? Myspace? MSN Messenger? Do you remember a time when an ‘argument’ over some trivial fact wasn’t able to be answered by just asking Google¬†on your phone? It was a different world… ‘Connectivity’ through social media and mobile phones in general has provided many great benefits to society, but it has also caused many problems that are coming to light slowly over the course… Read More

Answering the questions…

Ask me anything… Following on from my recent articles, talks and general outward communication with regards to my story I was asked by someone to speak to their online community about my experiences etc. It’s important to note at this point, that my main recent interactions with this person were in relation to my 24 hour charity stream. I had very little communication with them ahead of this and this just sort of happened. Knowing that is was going to be online, I fully assumed there to be various ‘trolls’ who just… Read More

Choosing your path…

This article was originally published on LinkedIn on 20 August 2018. 721 views… 67 likes… 15 comments… 5 shares… 274 live viewers… 152 unique viewers… 16 unique chatters… 25 hours in a row… 175 pounds raised… Would you say that I helped¬†break the stigma? Would you say that things are different now? Would you say that things are changing? Would you actually want things to change?… The problem with depression (or any mental health concern) is that even success can feel like failure. I would believe I made a difference… some of… Read More

Live Q&A one hour early!

Everyone Due to the overwhelming response and interest I have had in the stream, I am starting one hour early to do a Live Q&A before I start getting distracted playing the game. Please feel free to join me over on Twitch.   Andy  

Announcement day!

  After a month of debating about what to do going forwards with regards to streaming, gaming and life. I have come to the simple conclusion that I love streaming and want to continue with it as a (full time?) hobby. I want to continue to support charity as much as I can and this is a very easy way for me to do that, and continue doing something I love. I also want to continue to break the stigma attached to mental health and will continue to talk about myself, my… Read More