Just a guy with a story who likes talking…

I’ve always enjoyed public speaking. I am more comfortable talking to hundreds if not thousands of strangers than I am having a conversation over the telephone.

I think this is partly due to my want to read people’s reactions and adapt to my audience and also partly due to the fact that, and I hate saying this, I like the attention of it all. As someone who has very low self-confidence, knowing there are people there listening to you…and only you…and paying attention to what you are saying…it is a real confidence boost and allows my real personality to come through.

I have only just started my journey into public speaking. I have spoken at parties, weddings, events and family occasions before, but I had never spoken without a reason until I gave my Breaking the Stigma talk in October 2018. You can find a transcript and the slides I used on this site.

This talk was the first in what hopefully becomes many chances to stand up and inspire others to be themselves and to embrace their individuality.

As of writing this, I am applying to give TED talks and looking into any available opportunities to continue public speaking and telling my story. No audience is too small and no venue too far. I am happy to share any experiences I have gained in life to support others.

If you would like to get in touch with me with regards to a public speaking event, please feel free to contact me directly.