Providing support to companies, charities and organisations; helping them achieve what they believe in…

I trained at PwC and worked across assurance, public sector assurance, taxation, insolvency and corporate finance. I worked closely with firms and organisations of all shapes, sizes and ownership structures and provided them with financial advice and support.

I then moved into industry and specialised in finance and business intelligence; helping owners understand what the numbers mean. I designed and built technological systems to help interpret data and prepare those companies for transactions.

Finally I started working for myself and advising entrepreneurs across Leeds. I brought my experience of working in some of the largest local businesses and shared it with those businesses and owners who were looking to grow and expand. I helped them build corporate identities, organise fund raising, develop strategies, consider new products and ultimately helped them grow.

I now run, stream on Twitch, do public speaking and work on my own start-up where I have made significant investment over the past few years.

I haven’t lost my background and experience and I still want to continue to support businesses that are aligned with my beliefs.

I am always interested in hearing about Non-Executive Director, Trustee and Advisory Board roles. If you feel there is a way for me to be able to help you, please contact me directly.