Turning something you love into something special…

I love entertaining…

I am more comfortable talking in front of an audience of 100+ people who I don’t know than I am having a one-to-one conversation on the telephone…

When I realised there was a way for me to play games, entertain and talk to people all at the same time I was excited and knew it was something that I wanted to pursue in some form.


The thing about streaming is you have to actually be entertaining. You therefore typically fall into one of two categories…

being good at the games you are playing


being entertaining and interactive with your audience whilst playing

As a new person to this I felt I was neither of these and just threw myself at it and tried to get into it… was born!

I started by live streaming myself and my friends playing World of Warcraft; a game many of us had played separately for almost a decade. We weren’t any good but it was fun playing together for the first time.

Slowly a community started building around us and around what we were doing. People started following, competitions and races started happening. Something was born out of just putting our presence out there and letting people watch us having a good time!

You will be able to find more information on my stream over at Twitch and on my Discord server. If you are interested in knowing what hardware I use to stream you can find out at the miz7store.

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