Announcement day!


After a month of debating about what to do going forwards with regards to streaming, gaming and life. I have come to the simple conclusion that I love streaming and want to continue with it as a (full time?) hobby. I want to continue to support charity as much as I can and this is a very easy way for me to do that, and continue doing something I love. I also want to continue to break the stigma attached to mental health and will continue to talk about myself, my life, my experience and what mental health means to me in an ‘ask me anything’ style approach.

I would also like to bring you more things and allow you to get to know me better, so have updated my (once corporate) website at to now reflect what I want to do. I want to stream. I want to publish those games I’ve written already. I want to continue to make new games. I want to explore my creative side. I want you all to see these sides of me you don’t get to see that often!

You will note I have updated the miz7 discord  and twitch page with more information and ways to interact. You’ll also notice I’ve created a Facebook, Twitter and Instagram account which will hopefully allow me to reach a wider audience.

I will be continuing in Famous – Tarren Mill for Battle for Azeroth. They have been a fantastic home for me and we got Cutting Edge together (my first ever Cutting Edge!). I will be continuing to main Ruxii, my Demon Hunter, however this time I will be main-ing Havoc as melee DPS, to allow others to tank. I will continue to be heavily involved in raiding and mythic+ and will stream as much content as I can. With that said, we will be raiding 19:30- 23:00 Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday server time. I’ll try to fit as much streaming in outside of this as well. You’ll all see I’ve invested in my streaming setup.

Next Monday, with the launch of BFA, I will be doing a 12+ hour levelling stream (with the hope to extend to 24 hours with various sub goals and follower goals!). Whilst I’m streaming the Horde viewpoint, you’ll also be able to watch one of my co-streamers Jess stream the Alliance viewpoint. We will both be on comms together talking, so please do feel free to come along and join us! I’m going in completely blind without a plan, so you’ll be seeing me experience everything for the first time!!

I hope to see you next Monday if not before.




This post was originally published on Discord on 8 August 2018.