Andy Salkeld


My name is Andy. I am 34 (born in 1984) and I live in the UK.

I have worked hard all my life. I have pushed myself to my limits to acquire knowledge and skills and to accelerate my career (Accounting & Finance) as quickly as possible. I never stopped trying to take the next step forward, to get the next big break, to climb the next rung up the ladder…

My candle burned out.

During 2016 and 2017 (when I was 32 and 33) I suffered what I guess could only be described as a crisis. Without going into the detail of what happened (you’ll be able to find out somewhere if you want…) I realised what I had been chasing for so long was not what I actually wanted from life. I had placed a value on things; possessions, experiences, moments, stories that was not my own. The value I had placed on them was that of my upbringing.

I have always suffered from depression and anxiety in some form, but during 2017 it was at it was particularly bad. I started spending time on myself; something I had rarely done up until this point.

I started doing things just for me and it felt pretty good.

I have always loved games. Games come in many forms, but I particularly like boardgames (mostly for the social aspect of playing with friends) and computer games (mostly for the ability to compete and play with people from all over the world). I’ve never been particularly good at them, but I have a real passion for them. This is what got me into streaming on Twitch in the first instance. I love entertaining, I love playing games, I love talking to people (even if no one is watching…) so why not stream. I even turned this into a way for me to give back through Just Giving.

I began to feel whole again.

So…why am I telling you all this…

Well, I want to try and keep making games and keep entertaining people. So I’ve turned what was my corporate website for my self-employed advisory business into a website about what I love doing. will be my outward expression of the games I design, write and publish. It will provide me with a way to share (sell?) the games I’ve already designed as well as to share my thoughts on games that I have played. It will be a way for me to talk openly about my Twitch stream and what is going on.

I’m sick of the mundane, day-in day-out nine-to-five that life tells us we should enjoy (but in fact we should just live with...). We need to pay our bills and our taxes no question; but why should we not have fun doing so.

I’d rather live in the now than for the weekend scene.

So that’s it…

I hope you’ll follow along. I hope you’ll support me. I hope you find your ‘now’.